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We can be proud of our military heritage

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On June 12 1922 a very special ceremony took place at Windsor Castle, near London. Following the establishment of the Irish Free State the previous December, five Irish regiments, including the Connaught Rangers, the Royal Irish, the Leinsters, the Munsters, and the Dublin Fusiliers, which had served the British army with exceptional valour at times, were disbanded. It was a day of special significance for both the participants and onlookers. It was reported in the London Times.

Tribute paid to air corps officers killed in Connemara

The loss of two young air corps personnel who died when their plane crashed in Connemara last year reminds us all of the “risks and dangers that can be associated with a military career”, according to Minister of Defence Tony Killeen TD, who paid tribute this week to the two men.

The adventures of a search and rescue helicopter pilot

Does a rescue helicopter pilot have nine lives? David Courtney just might. He is the author of Nine Lives, his account of his time in a search and rescue helicopter.

Considering an army career?

Custume Barracks, Athlone will be hosting a careers day for secondary school students next Thursday November 13, which will give young people a chance to examine whether a career in the Defence Forces is for them.

Galway was ready to serve...

On the evening that France and Britain declared war on Germany, September 3 1939, the 13,500-ton liner SS Athenia, chartered by the Cunard Line, and bound for Montreal with 1,418 passengers and crew was torpedoed, without warning, 250 miles northwest of Malin Head in the North Atlantic*. The following day the Norwegian vessel, Knute Nelson, was steaming towards Galway with 367 shocked and injured survivors, and asked that the city be prepared to receive them. Other survivors were picked up by British naval vessels and brought elsewhere for treatment, but in total 112 passengers and crew were killed in the attack, 28 of them Americans sailing for home as war was declared in Europe.

vote for Kilkenny's young health artist

A dramatic sea cave tragedy in Belderrig will feature in the first episode of a six-part RTÉ series Rescue which airs on Sunday April 5 at 7.30pm on RTÉ One.

Fr Gerry Hipwell memorial cycle this weekend

The Fr Gerry Hipwell memorial cycle will take place on Saturday May 2 at the Carmelite Grounds, Moate.

As weather conditions worsen remember the elderly and isolated

Our county has come to a standstill with the onset of the sub zero temperatures that we have been experiencing for almost three weeks now.

Prayers said for Air Corps pilots after Cornamona crash

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As an Air Corps plane’s wreckage was being removed from a Connemara mountainside last night heartfelt prayers were being said for the two pilots who tragically lost their lives in a crash which has shocked a local community, family members, and the Defence Forces.

Red Cross may be needed in east Galway if heavy rains continue warns Connaughton

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If the unprecedented heavy rains continue over the weekend, then the flooding and devastation in east Galway will become worse, far worse than it is now, and may lead to a request for the Red Cross to go into Ballinasloe and the surrounding areas.


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