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Album review: Value Void

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THERE HAVE been many terms coined over the ages to describe falling in, and being in, love, so it is some achievement for London based trio Value Void to have come up with a new one.

Incantata and ‘reaching across the void’

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THE SHOWPIECE theatre premiere in this year’s GIAF is the staging of Paul Muldoon’s great elegy Incantata, which the poet wrote in response to the death from cancer, in 1992, of his one-time lover, artist Mary Farl Powers, who was aged just 44.

Red Bird's polymorphic display

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POLYMORPHISM - A state of existing in multiple forms at once. The term is both the title and the theme of a new exhibition at the Galway Arts Centre from its youth collective Red Bird.

268 enumerators to be recruited in Galway

268 enumerators are to be employed in Galway for the duration of next April’s Census collection, it has been confirmed by the Central Statistics Office.

Job opportunities galore in upcoming census

Following the slashing of benefits, increased taxes and cutbacks in budget 2011 this week, at least it’s not all bad news on the homefront as hundreds of job-seekers in Mayo are now being advised they can look forward to 10 week contracts for wages of €2,200 in March 2011 when enumerators are recruited for the next census taking place on Sunday April 10, 2011.


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