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Potato cakes with bacon, eggs and Mojo sauce

This recipe combines potato cakes with poached eggs, grilled bacon and a tasty Mojo sauce to make a really good supper dish.

National Potato Day celebrates Ireland’s most popular vegetable

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National Potato Day took place last Friday, October 6, with the aim of encouraging Irish people to celebrate potatoes and to experiment in the kitchen, with a range of tasty recipes available from

Leftover luxury: warm turkey salad with pickled cranberries

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Use up any left-over turkey by tossing together Siúcra’s warm turkey salad with pickled cranberries. This delicious festive salad combines all of the flavours and colours of Christmas with sweet cranberries, pickled with Siúcra Caster Sugar, and sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pecans, caramelised using Siúcra Rich Dark Brown Sugar. It is the perfect light meal to serve on St Stephen’s Day after the indulgence of the day before.

New York berry pancakes

This welcome change to cereals or toasts comes from Canderel. Canderel granules are a great way for you to dramatically cut your calorie intake while maintaining the delicious sweet taste you love. A teaspoon of Canderel granules contains only two calories compared to 20 calories in a teaspoon of sugar.


Cream of tomato, celery, basil soup

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