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Introduction to meditation

Most of our lives are very busy and we often fail to experience and enjoy quietness. From a spiritual perspective constant activity and noise can block our awareness of God’s presence in our lives. The Family Centre, Chapel Street, Castlebar, is offering a one day course on learning meditative prayer techniques.

Reflections in Castlebar church

Reflections on Faith and Prayer is a series of short reflections that will be provided in the Castlebar Parish Church each evening between 5.10pm and 5.30pm starting on Monday November 9 and continuing daily until Friday November 13.

Art exhibition catches the eye of many

Kilkenny resident Julie Cusack is an up and coming artist and she opened an exhibition in Kilkenny last Friday in the Shanti School of Yoga and Gallery space.

Westmeath people save on tax bill while reinvesting in local businesses

As one of the last remaining tax shelters likely to be untouched by the impending Budget, investors in Westmeath are increasingly realising the tax benefits of BES (Business Expansion Scheme) investment.

Hot Body thaws the frozen ice

Having spent Christmas and New Year’s housebound and gravitating towards the warmth of our fires and stoves, it only goes to show that we all crave that natural warmth when temperatures plummet beneath freezing. That natural hibernation has been unavoidable of late — and good for us. Although the heat indoors is attractive, being inactive has been unfortunately unavoidable. We all know that we need to exercise regularly in order to remain healthy. That is why doing yoga as your choice of exercise and allowing your body increase its temperature in a preheated room, 40°C, promotes massive benefits.

De-stress this January

Don’t let the January blues get the better of you in 2010. Keep that de-stressed feeling longer with the Yantra acupressure mat from Lifes2good. Working on the principles of the ancient healing powers of acupressure, using the mat for just 20 minutes per day may help boost your overall health by raising energy levels, increasing metabolism, relieving stress, improving your night’s sleep, and easing aches and pains.


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