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Specsavers urging children to care for their eyes during lockdown

As lockdown restrictions continue and schools remain closed, Specsavers, with a branch location at Golden Island Shopping Centre, is reminding children to take extra care of their eyes as they spend more time on their screens through home schooling.

Are your homely surroundings causing damage to your hearing?

Almost one in 10 people have noticed a change in their hearing since the first lockdown and as more time is being spent at home, research by Specsavers shows that many of us are still unaware that certain everyday household appliances or gardening equipment can cause permanent damage.

Specsavers opticians reports increase in case numbers of ‘coronavision’

Eye strain and other sight-related issues have increased significantly since the first pandemic lockdown as new research finds 42 percent of people have noticed their sight deteriorate since March 2020.

Specsavers Athlone to remain open with customer safety to the fore

Specsavers at Golden Island Shopping Centre remains open for all eye and hearing needs despite the country being in Level 5.

Specsavers Athlone advises health focused resolutions for new year

Each year, January marks a fresh start, with a renewed focus on health and wellbeing.

How to take 20/20 vision into 2021

Every year, January marks a fresh start, with a renewed focus on our health and wellbeing. We all hope the challenges of 2020 will soon be behind us, and now is the time to shake off some of the bad habits acquired during periods of lockdown. Specsavers has advice for those who have not given their vision and hearing health the care it needs during the last few months.

Specsavers Audiologists helping to tackle loneliness this Christmas

Almost two thirds (64 percent) of people actively avoid social situations because they struggle to hear, research by Specsavers Audiologists Ireland reveals.

Specsavers of Athlone launch children’s short story competition

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A nationwide short story competition is being launched by Specsavers, to encourage children in Athlone to get creative and give people Something to Smile About through their storytelling.

Plenty of cheer in the Square this Christmas

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It might have been the strangest year but there nothing strange at all about the familiar welcome that awaits people when they venture back into the heart of the city for their Christmas experience next month.

Specsavers to stay open with safety message to the fore

The Specsavers store in Golden Island Shopping Centre Athlone will remain open for all eye care and hearing needs despite the country moving to Level 5.


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