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The fightback begins now! Shop local

At this difficult economic time, many businesses are closing, and many local jobs are under threat. What is our response to be? Will we sit, moaning about the recession, and accepting it as a fait accompli which is out of our control? Will we wait for someone else to do something? Will we satisfy ourselves by criticising the developers, bankers, government and various others who have brought us to this doom laden place? And when we've done that, and apportioned the blame, what then? Will we sink further into the morass, or will we look for a solution?

Thinking of selling?

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Having recently sold quite a number of properties in Roscam, Mullery auctioneers is now seeking more houses in the area to meet the demand currently being experienced by the agents.

Pádraic McCormack - big boss man

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Those wondering if Fine Gael’s Pádraic McCormack would be standing at the next election may have received their answer as the long serving Galway West TD has been elected chairperson of the FG Parliamentary Party.

Galway - embraced by Dr Strangelove?

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Week II


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