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When school and grinds cannot work

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Welcome to the March edition of how the brain works and what affects its performance. Success in school today can be vital to your child’s future, so if your child has a learning, speech, phonics, reading, or language problem, etc, school can prove to be difficult, even with grinds.

Useful study techniques by the Tutor Doctor

Outside of classroom and grinds there are also many techniques that may be used to improve the effectiveness of your study. When developing your study timetable the following tips can help you maximise the effectiveness of your efforts.

Information evening on supporting literacy for children

Mayo County Childcare Committee (MCCC) welcomes Inez Bailey of the National Adult Literacy Association (NALA) and Eleanor O’Toole of the Mayo Library service to speak at an information evening for parents on the topic of supporting young children’s literacy and numeracy skills. The evening will be held in the Knockranny House Hotel, Westport, on Tuesday October 23, from 7.30pm to 9pm, and there is no charge.

Brain Care Ireland: dyslexia/dyspraxia intervention

Welcome to the October monthly column on our brains, what interferes with their function, and how technology can help overcome problems and impairments. Specific learning impairments (SLI) such as dyslexia, Asperger’s, dyspraxia, autism, and ADHD; general learning difficulties (GLD) such as poor memory, phonics, inability to process and sequence information that we hear, following directions from a teacher or a boss, grammar, word analysis, vocabulary, listening comprehension, confidence and self esteem, social interactions, learning, reading, language, speech, concentration and focus, and sentence and paragraph comprehension; and central nervous system disorders (CNSD) such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, stroke, TBI, PTSD, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and mild cognitive impairment can all be helped with new validated software.

Brian Cody launches literacy initiative in Grennan College

Brian Cody launched a Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) led literacy initiative in Grennan College in Thomastown on Wednesday November 9.

Literacy programmes in south Westmeath

National Adult Literacy Awareness Week takes place next week from September 19 to 23. South Westmeath Literacy Scheme offers help to adults who have difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, or maths. Students can take part in a group or have one-to-one help from a volunteer tutor. The centre is open 60 hours every week with classes arranged at times to suit tutors and students. All learning is student driven, and all tuition is provided free of charge.

Claddagh primary school selected to take part in pilot literacy course

A city primary school was the only school in the Galway West region selected to take part in a pilot literacy summer programme.

Add some creativity to your life at the Arts Village

The Olive Whelan School of Arts and Drama is now very well established in providing modules in arts-in-education, arts-in-health, and arts-in-therapy.

Learn about music

If you are an adult looking to develop an appreciation for music and would like to be able to read and understand music then a course taking place in the Westport College of Further Education may be for you.

New course for children with Dyslexia and learning difficulties

An innovative service for children struggling with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties is about to be launched in Kilkenny.


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