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‘I enjoy being the bassline of the story’

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IF HEARING Bach’s Goldberg Variations for the first time, at the age of 14, was not life changing for cellist Natalie Clein, it was close to that - a profound sense of awe which has stayed with her to this day.

The university man, the Headford ambush, and the 'Day of Rage'

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For most of December 1920, Thomas Hynes, quartermaster of the Galway IRA, was in Queen’s College Galway - today's NUIG - hiding from Crown forces, sleeping on top of bookshelves, and assisting in the making of grenades.

The pandemic has significantly changed how we shop, cook, and eat

How we shop for food, cook, and eat has changed significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, an international survey led by Queen’s University Belfast reveals.

Keep it clean at home and the office with Queen of Clean this Christmas!

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When it comes to cleaning, Queen of Clean Services Ltd is the Cleaning company of choice for commercial, schools and domestic clients across Galway and surrounding areas. Queen of Clean Services Ltd are specialists in cleaning all types of premises. As well as general cleaning, they offer many different specialist cleaning services.

Prepare your home for Christmas with Queen of Clean Services Ltd

Queen of Clean Services Ltd are delighted to launch their new deep clean packages consisting of three tiers this December.

Galway’s Westside Arts Festival celebrates win at all-Ireland community awards

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Galway’s Westside Arts Festival was honoured at the all-Ireland Pride of Place community awards on Saturday evening when Galway Cycle Bus and Galway Contact were also nominated

The killing of Michael Moran - Galway city, 1920

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Sinn Féin’s declaration of an Irish Republic on January 21 1919, along with the killing of two RIC officers in Tipperary by the IRA on the same day, signalled the start of a guerrilla war for Irish independence.

Gardenwise | What’s in A Name – Feeling Sorry for a Tulip...

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You might remember me mentioning last week that I’d been ordering tulips, so just to remind you, you still have several weeks to plant the bulbs if you haven’t already. As they originate in the Middle East (not in Holland – the Dutch are just brilliant at growing and breeding them), they really need baking heat in summer, after the flower and foliage has yellowed and died down, in order to flower the following year. (Don’t we all.) This not always being forthcoming in Northern Europe, for every dozen you plant you could be lucky if two or three bother to show up in year two. That said, nothing else makes such a colourful display in late spring – so if you’re thinking of indulging, here are a few suggestions.

Gardenwise | Carried away by a Catalogue

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It’s time to plant the tulips – at least it will be once they arrive. An email informs me that my bulb order has been shipped, but in these strange times who knows what adventures they will have before they arrive safely at my door?

‘Betrayed into ruin by the arts such as the weakness of humanity’

Such is the weakness of man, it seems, that even the mighty Daniel O’ Connell may have succumbed to the allures of the fair sex, committing an indiscretion in his youth, which came back to haunt him in later years when he and his wife Mary shared ‘abiding affection’.


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