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Movember funding aids nurse-led prostate centre

Galway University Hospital will be one of two centres in the State to pilot a specialist nurse-led side effects clinic for men with prostate cancer.

Movember starts tomorrow

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Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charlie Chaplin, Lemmy, Friedrich Engels, and Willy O’Dea are famous for their moustaches and Galway men can emulate them from tomorrow.

Mayo patients received inaccurate prostate results due to faulty equipment

The statement continued: “It is important to note that this testing is a first step to diagnosis. The National Prostate Cancer GP referral guidelines state that patients with an abnormal PSA result should have a repeat PSA at six weeks. A clinical prostate assessment to include a digital rectal examination and the second PSA test is therefore undertaken prior to biopsy in order to confirm the diagnosis and initiate treatment if required.”

Mayo patients received inaccurate prostate results due to faulty equipment

Patients who had tests carried out at Mayo General Hospital to determine whether they had prostate cancer or not may have received inaccurate results, it has been revealed.

Can fish oils increase prostate cancer risk?

A recent study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicated an increased risk of prostate cancer for men who used Omega-3s. This has raised concerns about how safe fish oils are for men.

Figures show that 160 men in Mayo diagnosed with prostate cancer

The most recent figures from the NCRI, National Cancer Registry of Ireland, show that approximately 3,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer here every year with 160 of those diagnosed being men in Mayo. The good news is that survivorship figures are improving with 93 per cent of men surviving five years post diagnosis. This year, in keeping with its ethos of making cancer less frightening by enlightening, the Marie Keating Foundation’s Get Men Talking men’s health campaign will put particular emphasis on survivorship and how men can go on to live full and whole lives following cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Today is the start of Movember

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Many great men have sported moustaches - Albert Einstein, Friedrich Engels, Ghandi, Salvador Dalí, Freddie Mercury, Friedrich Nietzsche - and Galwaymen have a chance to join their ranks this month.

Grow a moustache for charity this Movember

“Since I don’t smoke, I decided to grow a moustache - it is better for the health,” so said the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, and next month Galwaymen can grow a moustache for health reasons too.

Men’s health is natural with A Vogel

It is a matter of great concern that men view illness as weakness, particularly with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stress related disorders being a common reality in Irish men’s lives. A Vogel pride itself on its commitment to research to enable Irish men to lead naturally happier and healthier lives.

New prostate treatment at Mullingar hospital

A new minimally invasive treatment for enlarged prostate has been introduced at St Francis Hospital Mullingar, giving the men of the region the option of having what was once a severe condition dealt with in a simple day case procedure in most cases.


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