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Album review: Ashnikko

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SHE LOOKS like a blue haired version of She-Ra's Entrapta, armed with an equally colourful array of hip hop, garage, and pop beats - even a touch of emo - and an attitude that screams 'women power'.

‘A cursory glance at his career gives us some sense of his stardom’

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HE WAS Ireland’s first literary celebrity; he moved in exciting political and artistic circles; he was a best selling writer; a political satirist; a biographer, and above all a celebrated lyricist, admired by Hector Berlioz.

'I picked up the guitar and rediscovered my own acoustic based music'

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IT HAS been a long time since we have heard new music by Galway's Neil O'Connor, but lockdown - the original one, not the Level 3 currently in force - resulted in Frank Zappa-esque levels of productivity, with Neil set to releasing three new albums this week.

Choose the Prince of Wales to cater for your special occasion at home

If you are celebrating a special occasion within your home environment, choose the team at The Prince of Wales who are certain to alleviate any preparation stress with their taste laden menu options.

Savour a wealth of tasty options at The Prince of Wales Hotel

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The Prince of Wales Hotel in the heart of Athlone has introduced some enticing product offerings to their choice laden menu with new opening times to welcome their wealth of loyal customers.


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Just as you thought the last chance of a proper festival had gone for this year, along comes The Big Think - a festival of talks and ideas - to fill you with inspiration, insight, hope and joy. Galway Summer Garden provides the perfect festival vibe for this Indian summer of enlightenment and laughs. The central outdoor stage is encircled by a panopticon of beautifully-appointed bell tents (each with its own dedicated loo!), from which you can ‘contactlessly’ order your food and drinks delivered to the door.

Dine & Celebrate at The Prince of Wales!

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Whether you are looking for lunch or an evening meal with after-dinner cocktails, The Prince of Wales is now open from 1pm daily (last sitting at 9.30pm).

Enjoy fine dining and celebrate in comfort at The Prince of Wales

Whether you are looking for lunch or an evening meal with after dinner cocktails, The Prince of Wales is now open from 1pm daily (last sitting 9.30pm).

Shop Street, 1903

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This was Shop Street, Galway’s main street, decorated for the visit of Edward VII in 1903. The poles along the footpath were especially erected to carry bunting and decorations and many buildings had their own flags and other forms of decoration. It was a big occasion in the city. The prince came into the station on the railway from Clifden, was taken by horse and carriage around the Square, through the streets, and around by Raven Terrace and back to the Docks where his royal yacht was waiting.

A time when grass grew on Galway streets

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It is generally agreed that the treaty signed between the Williamite general de Ginkel, and the Irish/Jacobian Patrick Sarsfield, on October 9 1691 in Limerick, was a very satisfactory military outcome for both sides, but not a satisfactory outcome for Catholic Ireland who, with the loss of her armies, was left at the mercy of a vengeful Protestant parliament.


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