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Empowering programme helped Connemara woman reclaim her life after having ME for twelve years

A 31-year-old County Galway woman who suffered from ME for 12 years credits her recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome to what she terms an empowering programme which transformed her health.

Supplement hailed as breakthrough in disease prevention and anti-ageing

A new supplement, now available in Ireland, claims to offer significant anti-ageing and health benefits. Immunocal provides the body with the building blocks to manufacture glutathione, a substance regarded as one of the most effective antioxidants in nature.

Lose weight and keep it off for good with Celebrity Slim

Celebrity Slim is a nutritionally balanced meal replacement programme designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. There is no calorie counting, no points system, and no gimmicks. It is just weight management-pure and simple. The Celebrity Slim meal replacement programme is easy to follow and based on regular snacks and healthy eating. Simply replace two meals each day with delicious Celebrity Slim shakes, soups, or bars, eat one healthy balanced meal each day and snack on a variety of allowable foods in between meals.

World's healthiest tea has arrived in Ireland

The health store at Therapie clinic has exclusively launched the Japanese Shinzo tea in Ireland.

Research under way at NUI Galway to develop a dressing for EB sufferers

Research is under way at NUI Galway to develop a wound dressing for people suffering from the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa, (EB).

Get in shape this summer with Slimmm at Market Point Pharmacy

The Slimmm range has been carefully designed to fit our modern lifestyle and help you with a nutritious, well-balanced, scientifically-based, effective weight management program.

Secret scoffers revealed

A recent survey conducted by weight-loss and weight-management specialists LighterLife in the UK and Ireland, has revealed that more than a third of women currently on a diet are secret scoffers.

Good health and wellbeing come with ease and convenience

The Ondamed® device is now exclusively available in Ireland through Galway practitioner Aine Delaney in Health and Herbs.

Mop up free radicals with super juice at Evergreen

CherryActive, a tasty new drink which is super-rich in antioxidants, is now available at Evergreen branches in Galway.

New pro-youth range has Vichy fans glowing

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Vichy Laboratoires has announced the launch of new Aqualia Anti-Ox Deoxidising Pro-Youth range which will hit local pharmacies from October 2009.


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