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A case of ‘almost...but not quite’ for Fianna Fáil

“Almost...but not quite” is how Galway Fianna Fáil might sum up its team for June’s Local Elections in both the city and county, with many candidates virtually certain to be selected, others still battling for a place, and the rest in the dark as to what party HQ intends to do with them.

Fianna Fáil and the art of shafting your own

For these local elections Fianna Fáil launched a new system of selection designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and an end to sitting councillors selecting below par running mates.

Will the PDs gift control of county council to Fianna Fáil?

The PDs may be about to be swallowed up into the bowels of Fianna Fáil, but if this happens, they will guarantee the Soldiers of Destiny the right to control the Galway County Council after the 2009 Local Elections.

Fianna Fáil in disarray in the county

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The 2009 Local Election is little more than three months away and Fianna Fáil in Galway is in disarray.

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