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Banff Mountain Film Festival

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THE DANGER, drama, courage, and adventure of climbing mountains, extreme environments, and humans versus nature, will be on display in Galway next month.

On the Cookery Book Shelf …

Over the last number of years, Paula Wolfert has made a name for herself as an author with a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine and this publication will only enhance that growing reputation.

Five hundred students due to arrive by sea at dawn tomorrow

More than 500 students, faculty, and staff of Semester at Sea® (SAS), the nation’s premier shipboard programme for study abroad, will arrive in Galway at 8:00 am on 31 August for a one day exploration of Galway before also docking in Dublin. Ireland is the first country on the academic voyage itinerary. Sarah Cosgrove, a student from the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway joined the shipboard community in Halifax where embarkation took place on 23 August. All participants are traveling aboard the MV Explorer, a state-of-the-art passenger ship that Semester at Sea has outfitted as a traveling university.

Dacia brand and Duster SUV launched in Ireland

The arrival of Dacia in Ireland is expected to shake things up a bit.

Galway African Film Festival

AWARD-WINNING movies from Morocco, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, South Africa, and Rwanda will be shown in the Nuns Island Arts Theatre for the fifth Galway African Film Festival.

Abbey Road Artists’ Studios host Architecture Republic exhibition

You are invited to Abbey Road Artists’ Studios in Athlone for IN-HOUSE: An exhibition of domestic works by Architecture Republic.

Emma Devine - an obituary

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Emma Devine, who died aged 35 following an illness, was a Kilkenny archaeologist and museum professional who produced a remarkable body of work in her short life.

Saving face

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A “superfood” for skin and hair which is famous for its anti-ageing properties is now available from a local company.

Hot House Flower returns for intimate gig

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One of the much-loved Hot House Flowers, Liam Ó Maonlaí has confirmed he will play a very special intimate gig at the Hole In The Wall, Thursday March 24.

Christmas shopping without the tears

Christmas has crept up again. A time for joy to the world, and peace among men or, conversely, of panicked late night shopping, and the anxiety that accompanies the realisation that you have exactly seven minutes before shops close. It's Christmas Eve, and you are empty-handed (aside from, if you are like me, a few little presents that you accidentally got for yourself). That perfect gift has eluded you once more, and all the time you thought you had, as you browsed nonchalantly, has vanished into the ether. Aimless wandering is one thing, but the real challenge comes when setting out with a specific, particularly hard to please person in mind. This can lead to blind panic, often resulting in decidedly bad choices. I aim to, at best, give something of practical use to the recipient, preferably something that they wouldn't buy for themselves, or, at the least (and this is perhaps the last refuge of the desperate), to knock a laugh out of them. Some notable failures include impulsively bought jewellery, assorted DVDs (which now lurk, mockingly, on the shelf, still clad in their original cellophane), and a festive geansaí, which, upon opening, was immediately earmarked for return. One year out of frustration and laziness I bought a friend a book that I suspected she would never open, but that I wanted to read. After an appropriate waiting period I 're-gifted' it to myself, and everyone was happy – I got the brownie points and the goods. This year I hope to avoid the blunders of the past, and furnish my nearest and dearest with things that will, without hyperbole, change their lives for the better.


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