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Give your skin a winter glow facial

Combining leading edge skincare with advanced tanning ingredients, Karora Gradual Bronzing Moisturiser SPF15 will give you a natural golden radiance, while protecting your face against the cold Irish winter.

Handmade hydration from The Handmade Soap Company

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Quench thirsty facial skin with The Handmade Soap Company’s two facial moisturising creams. Every skin type needs to be kept hydrated to avoid fine lines and wrinkles and ensure it stays looking radiant. These one-of-a-kind, handmade beauty treats perform and pamper, ensuring your face feels comfortable when the cold winds blow and temperatures start falling.

Brighter, softer, smoother looking skin by morning

Clinique’s Turn Around Overnight Radiance Moisturiser, available at Staunton’s Pharmacy, Main Street, Castlebar, is an overnight miracle moisturiser which supports new cell turnover.

Add a Beautiful Touch to your life with Collin beauty products

At Beautiful Touch, staff believe you deserve the best, that is why they bring to you the Collin beauty range which is now available in the Ballina salon.

Healthy skin for autumn/winter from Beautiful Touch

If you want to see dynamic visible changes to your skin, a combination of salon treatments and a full and thorough homecare regime is necessary.

Brush your way to a bikini bod

Body brushing is one of the most effective ways of getting skin in peak condition. Brushing skin for just a few minutes each day can make a big difference, revealing luminous, softer, more toned skin. VOYA’s new Exfoliating Body Brush gives skin an invigorating workout, getting the lymph system moving and helping to disperse any trapped toxins without being too harsh. It comes in an organic cotton bag so is ideal for daily brushing on the go.

Serums are the way forward

While moisturisers are ideal for the skin the way forward lies with serums. The benefits of a serum far outweigh those of a moisturiser.

Saving face

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Purses at the ready, it’s time to make a beauty beeline to Aldi to stock up on its award winning Lacura Multi-Intensive Serum Anti Ageing (€4.79 50ml).

Vitality in a jar with Aldi skincare

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Coming to the rescue of older ladies everywhere, Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range offers a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the mother of all battles – the ageing process! Targeting the needs of mature skin (60+ age group), Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range is designed specifically to restore lost moisture.

Keep it natural with Cleo Cosmetics

The newly opened Cleo Cosmetics in Abbeygate Street, Galway, offers customers a wide rage of natural beauty products including mineral make up, natural soaps, relaxing bath bombs, moisturisers, body scrubs, lip balms, and massage oils.


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