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Kri Kra Kro to bring children on amazing journeys

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TWO FRIENDS go on a fantastic journey, through an unknown space, which starts to fill with images and sounds. This is Kri Kra Kro.

Iron Man 2

IF I was never a Marvel fan before I certainly am now, as Iron Man 2 packs a punch with incredible action scenes and the clever development of main character Tony Stark - a man you would love to hate but end up adoring despite his obvious flaws, namely his huge ego.

Iron Man 2 @ The Eye

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IRON MAN 2 returns to cinema screens today and sees Robert Downey jr again take on the mantle of the eponymous Marvel super hero.

Dog at centre of animal cruelty case to be put down

The dog badly wounded in a case of animal cruelty in Carlow last September is to be put down.

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