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‘We have been left to police it’

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A number of Galway restaurateurs have declared that decisions on who will be admitted to their premises will be based on a customer's whereabouts the previous fortnight.

Pressure on bars to ignore substantial meal law

Bars are under huge pressure by members of the public to ignore the €9 substantial meal law, that is the viewpoint of the owner of The King's Head, Paul Grealish.

Galway awaits its fate in ‘a state of nervousness and excitement’

Following the victory of King William’s army at Aughrim July 12 1691, the people of Galway awaited their fate in fear and uncertainty. William’s Dutch general Godert de Ginkel, had moved from his headquarters at Athenry, and was now on his way to subdue the town. He had shown ruthless determination in his dealings with the Irish Jacobite army; the citizens must have expected nothing less.

My Kind Of Town - a vision for Galway post-Covid-19

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Paul Grealish

Classic Drive-in Cinema COMES TO MAYO THIS WEEKEND!!

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Fasten your seatbelt, bring the popcorn and grab the family and get ready to be entertained. Classic Drive-in Cinema is proud to present Back to the Future 2, Grease, The Lion King & Forest Gump at Westport Rugby Club, Saturday July 11 th & Sunday July 12th Tickets from €25.00 + booking fees are on sale at 1pm today from

Treachery at Aughrim

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The last conventional battle in Irish history was fought on Sunday July 12 1691 at Aughrim, Co Galway. It was by far the bloodiest. In less than 8 hours approximately 8,000 men were killed. Six thousand of them were Irish Jacobites.

A nation holds its... buffet

What is a nation if its citizens cannot hang over the buffet station with a hangover? Or stand at the juice machine topping up the glass until just the pips remain. What sort of life awaits if the joy of pub socialising has to be accompanied by the forced consumption of a carvery dinner, which you throw back while looking at your reflection of a perspex screen. What chance have you of getting an extra ball of mash if you are not there yourself, urging the chef, go on, go on, yes....and all the veg. Potatoes, chips, roast and mash please...

Great selection now available at G Furniture and Carpets

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G Furniture and carpets on the Tuam Road in Galway has reopened following nearly 10 weeks of closure due to the pandemic. The company is following all Government guidelines for the return to work protocol.

Hearing voices in the wind

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I have often wondered how the unusual name of Zetland found its way to the head of Cashel Bay in the heart of Connemara. It is, of course, the name of a well known hotel today. The hotel was founded in the closing years of the 19th century, by the son of a mountain farmer, JJ O'Loughlin, who had a canny instinct for business. The hotel was originally called The Zetland Arms, and before that The Viceroy's Rest. All these names allude to the hotel's distinguished patron Lawrence Dundas, Viceroy or Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1889 to 1902, in which year he became the Marquis of Zetland.

What Do You Mean You Haven't Read?

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Michael Gorman, poet


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