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An estimated three thousand of drivers in Mayo are going without insurance

An estimated 3,100 drivers in Mayo are going without insurance, and claims against drivers of such vehicles are costing the general public heavily. This is sccording to Brian McNelis, director of general services at the Irish Brokers Association, who stated:

No financial gain for rehired HSE ‘pensioners’

An HSE official has declared there is ‘no financial gain’ to pensioners recently rehired to work for the service following their retirement. Francis Rogers of the HSE said that its policy is not to rehire pensioners “and that is very clear.”

Motor insurance up three per cent

Despite some dips throughout 2011, the average price of a motor insurance policy in Ireland has increased three per cent.

Payment Protection Insurance

Please explain Payment Protection Insurance to me. I took out a bank loan a number of years ago and I also availed of Payment Protection Insurance which the bank offered me. I was under the impression I was obliged to take out this insurance at the time. I recently lost my job but I am having difficulty in claiming through my Payment Protection Insurance.

Don’t make any quick decisions about your pension, urges expert

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One of Ireland’s top pension experts has warned Irish consumers to check their pensions and seek professional advice before making any decisions on it.

Strong demand for residential properties this year — Mullery

The year 2011 was slightly better than expected in the Galway residential property market according to Mullery auctioneers. The agent noted an increase in the number of sales in 2011 as compared to 2010, albeit at lower prices than the previous year.

Massive payoffs for secretaries general must end – Ruane

Sinn Féin councillor Thérèse Ruane has called for an end to the practice of serving secretaries general receiving massive pension payoffs.

Do pensions still make sense?

There is a lot of focus on the area of savings for retirement lately. Questions are being asked about the real value in having a pension when we finish working. This is very much an individual choice and one that needs to be addressed in a meaningful way, by all of us at some point. I believe we must plan for our own retirement as no one else will look after us in our non-working years. A pension remains the best way to do this. Here are my top eight reasons why pensions still make sense:

Top up your pension and make your tax bill smaller

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The question may be asked, what is all the fuss about pensions at this time of year? The answer is simple. By making a contribution into your pension before October 31, or November 15 for those who make tax returns online, you will qualify for tax relief on the amount you contribute, thus reducing the net cost to you.

Property — the affordable alternative to gold

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With all the current global economic uncertainty the value of gold has reached a new high of $1,800 per ounce. Major economic structures have been shaken and continue to be, with speculation of a ‘double dip’ international recession. The euro prospect looks vulnerable, America’s sovereign rating has been downgraded, the dollar taking a hammering and other major currencies under pressure has led many investors to put substantial parts of their investments into gold, hence driving the price to record levels.


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