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False golfer gets hole count wrong and goes bust on 21


A judge has called for “Mr or Mrs Aldi” and “Galen Weston” to appear in court and explain their zero tolerance policies of pursuing shoplifters for €8 worth of stolen meat, and €5 of stolen clothing.

Hammer horror accomplices charged


Man fined for not buying “dried nettles”


Judge suggests ADHD is just a pharma creation

A youth accused of pepper-spraying a girl, and calling a garda “a queer” for refusing to fight him but arresting him instead, was given two future court dates this week (June 21) to deal with each of these incidents separately.

Judge speaks out for beleaguered force in spitting case

Sidekick spared sentence on Garda advice

Man who assaults debtor avoids conviction

A man who assaulted a business associate whom he said owed him €77,000 managed to leave court this week (May 14) without a conviction, after the judge accepted “there is another side to this”.

Angry man gets six months for motorist assault


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