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Ballyvary woman on quest to meet Barack Obama

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Ballyvary native and head of news and sport with the new regional radio station i105107, Sinead O'Donnell is on a mission to meet president elect Barack Obama.

Obama the boost that politics needs

On another occasion, you might feel sorry for all of the country’s politicians having to live up to the image of Obama. After all, how many of them are stick lean, fit, handsome and boasting a complete of teeth? How many of them can deliver a speech without the proliferation of ah and ohs and like, ya know what I mean. But they should relax. How often is it that someone who looks like him comes along.

Where’s our dreamer?

It’s amazing how the hopes and dreams of millions, and probably billions, are at the feet of one man. Barack Obama is perched on a pedestal that is hovering high, with the citizens of diverse and far flung nations all holding their breath in anticipation of how this “saviour” will bring peace and harmony to the world.

Let the comparisons begin!

Poor Briano. Poor, poor Briano. He must be feeling a bit hard done by.

Let the comparisons begin!

Poor Briano. Poor, poor Briano. He must be feeling a bit hard done by.

New man at the helm of Ireland West Airport board

The board of Ireland West Airport Knock has announced that Joe Kennedy is retiring from his position as chairman of the airport’s board after a period of six and a half years and that Liam Scollan, former group managing director, will succeed Mr Kennedy as the board’s new chairman.

Council congrats wing their way to White House

It seems the influence of America’s new president is reaching far and wide, working its way even into the chambers of Westmeath County Council this week.

Ireland West Airport CEO steps down

Ireland West Airport Knock CEO Robert Grealis has decided to step down from his position following a period of over four years at the helm of the airport.

How much change has Obama really brought, asks GAAW

Despite the much hoped for change, war in the Middle East and troop movements through Shannon have not ceased under President Barack Obama’s administration.

Michelle Obama will ‘keep in mind’ a visit to Galway

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has said she will “keep in mind” a visit to Galway and that her staff will be asked to make a note of it.


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