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Family affair at the Linenhall

Top Irish violinist Geraldine O’Grady and her daughter and fellow-violinist Oonagh Keogh join forces for a very special concert the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Thursday, February 11 at 8pm. Geraldine O’Grady has been in the forefront of Irish music since she graduated from the Paris Conservatoire with the coveted Premier Prix and First Place, and has had a distinguished international career as recitalist and soloist with major symphony orchestras. Geraldine’s daughter, Oonagh Keogh, is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and has an honours MA from the University of Limerick. She has performed extensively as a soloist and is a member of the much-acclaimed Irish Chamber Orchestra.

De Valera’s Galway speech angers Nazi Germany

Eamon de Valera was in Galway on the evening of May 11 1940 engaged in a by-election campaign, when he was told that Germany had invaded Belgium and Holland that morning. He was outraged. Belgium felt that by declaring its neutrality it was protected from Hitler. But it was sadly mistaken. Germany felt threatened (at least it pretended to be), that the Allies may use Belgium as a ‘jumping off’ base to attack her. With terrifying speed and ruthlessness, using new tactics of fighter bombers and tanks, Germany subdued both countries in a matter of days.

NIE: Delving into Europe’s history at Baboró

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AMONG THE many outstanding companies gathering in Galway for Baboró are the multi-national New International Encounter who are bringing a trilogy of plays inspired by the seismic upheavals of European history over the past century.

Young candidate’s posters destroyed by vandals

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The youngest candidate running for Kilkenny Borough Council has had his posters targeted by a bad-minded vandal.

Inglourious Basterds

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‘The Basterds’ are a motley crew of vengeful Jewish-American soldiers and a deranged German turncoat, led by the brutal and determined Lt Aldo Raine who wants his 100 Nazi scalps. It’s brilliant, bloody, darkly funny, with brilliant acting. To sum it up, if you’ve forgotten what great film making is, then this Quentin Tarantino film will certainly remind you.

Is Ireland neutral? Like hell it is

Irish neutrality will be protected and copperfastened by a Yes vote to Lisbon. Irish neutrality will be seriously undermined by a treaty bristling with military articles, so it is wiser to vote No.


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