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Album review: David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now? boxset

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THE KEY artefact in this lavish new Bowie boxset, charting the artist's journey from post-Ziggy to 'Plastic Soul', to Thin White Duke, is one of the great missing pieces of the Bowie discography - The Gouster.

The other bomb plot to kill Hitler

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THE JULY 1944 bomb plot to kill Hitler is widely known, but there was an earlier attempt on the Führer's life, a story explored in the film 13 Minutes, from Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Galway Film Society's winter/spring 2016 season

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GRUMPY OLD men, bizarre love triangles, singers with stage fright, and American anti-capitalism will be the stuff of the cinema screen at The Galway Film Society's winter/spring 2016 season runs at the Town Hall Theatre from January 17 to March 20.

Album review: John Grant

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IT BEGINS with St Paul's celebrated description of love from his First Letter to the Corinthians, Ch 13, two voices reading, both male, one in English, the other in Icelandic, before white noise drowns them out.

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