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Ten fashion mistakes to avoid this season

This summer, more that any other, we are bombarded with fashion trends, not only in the shops but in the media. Tantalising images of the latest fashions and “must haves” are everywhere.

GMIT and IWDG to host annual conference of European Cetacean Society

More than 500 marine mammal biologists from around the world will gather in Galway in the coming days for the 26th annual conference of the European Cetacean Society, hosted this year by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWD).

Hair flair

Has summer taken its toll on your hair? Fancy giving it a pampering treatment? If so, check out Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger hair care range now available at Barry’s Hair Studio at Shop Street.

Golfing tourism can help boost the economy says Higgins

Promoting the west of Ireland as a leading European golfing destination can play an important part in the State’s economy, according to Labour senator Lorraine Higgins.

Cinema Review - Just Go With It

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I lost all love for Adam Sandler films a long time ago, as they all seemed to be the same old thing on endless repeat, however I am willing to re-evaluate my opinion of him as Just Go With It managed to keep the annoying at bay and the hilarious gags coming.

The Irish roots of Barack Obama

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BARACK OBAMA was born on August 4 1961 in Honolulu to a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya. His parents met at the University of Hawaii, where his father was a foreign student on scholarship.

NASA researcher to give origins of Earth’s water lecture at NUIG

NASA researcher and NUI Galway graduate Dr Jacqueline Keane will deliver a lecture on the origins of the Earth’s water at NUI Galway on Monday August 23.

GPO’s Hawaiian party

IF YOU cannot go to Hawaii, try the next best thing with the GPO Hula Party tonight.

Coffee — the uber-cool beverage

When I was a lad the really cool thing to drink was Irel coffee. This came in a bottle and was a sticky black treacle like substance which you mixed with sugar, hot water, and a lot of milk. Later came Nescafé powdered coffee in a tiny tin, not much bigger than a tin of shoe polish, and if you used more than a half teaspoon you were in mega trouble. As time marched on pubs started to serve food and we had Cona coffee machines, which were good if your cup was served directly after it was made, however it could be (and often was) two, three, or four hours old. I have several memories (some quite recent) of sending coffee back while complaining that it was burnt/old only to be served a new ‘fresh’ cup from the same disgusting brew. The ‘fresh cup’ was inevitably accompanied by a comment like, nobody else complained!

Abalone comes to Abalone

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It is no secret that Abalone restaurant in Dominick Street is one of my favourite restaurants, so I was very happy to accept an invitation from the chef proprietor, Alan Williams, to taste his first ever delivery of fresh abalone. What makes this fresh abalone really special is that it is 100 per cent Irish produced. It comes from Cape Clear, and if you are an avid watcher of RTE you may have seen a documentary showing how the owner Martin O’Mealoid was bringing his live abalone to the kitchens of two of the most famous eateries in London, The Dorchester and that coolest of cool sushi restaurant, Nobu.


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