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Think better at meetings with Radisson Blu’s Brain Food initiative

As part of an exciting and innovative new concept called Experience Meetings, Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts in Ireland introduce Brain Food, one of the three main elements of this new programme.

Free nutrition service

Today (Friday November 9) nutritionist Áine will be providing free one to one nutrition advice by appointment at O'Brien's Doc Morris Pharmacy, Claremorris. To book your free appointment call 094 937 1287.

It is time to get healthy with this health, vitality, and wellbeing course

One in five Irish adults are now thought to be obese, but perhaps more worryingly is the fact that it is now becoming more common in children too.

Understanding the fats of life

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It is the “f” word with the bad reputation. Mention “fat” or “fats” and warning bells immediately ring in people’s heads.

Nutrition for a better life

Imagine yourself at your absolute best - nourished, healthier, raring to go. Herbalife is nutrition for a better life!

Consumers should avoid so called ‘diabetic’ foods say Diabetes Ireland

Diabetes Ireland is calling for food manufacturers to end using the term ‘diabetic’ or ‘suitable for diabetics’ on food products. “Labelling foods as being suitable for people with diabetes undermines important messages about healthy eating,” says Dr Anna Clarke from Diabetes Ireland.

New traffic light guide for healthy shopping

A guide to healthy shopping will help people understand food labels and make better food choices, according to the local heart and stroke charity Croi.

Seven ways to boost your immune system

Our immune system is our body’s defence mechanism. When our health is threatened it works at full power to fight off any invaders, such as bacteria or viruses.

Lose weight with the Cambridge Diet

Anne Tobin has been a Cambridge Diet counsellor since 1988 and achieved counsellor of the year for the British Isles in 2001.

Have your diet and nutritional needs assessed

Do you struggle with access weight, sluggishness, mood swings. Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Have your diet and nutritional needs assessed and optimised by the nutritional team at the ISHSKO Centre, Westport.


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