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Toy safety

The National Standards Authority of Ireland is urging shoppers in Mayo to look for the CE mark when buying toys this Christmas.

CSO figures show average age of bride and groom continues to rise

New statistics from the CSO on marriages in Ireland show that the number of marriages registered in the country in 2007 was 22,756, which equates to an average marriage rate of 5.2 per 1,000 of the population. This compares with a total of 22,089 and a similar marriage rate of 5.2 per thousand in 2006.

Plug in to your personal power

Aonacht, an Irish word, means “oneness”, but not aloneness. It is the ability we all have to stand strong and independent, in full ownership of ourselves, but still strongly connected through our innate energy with everyone else. Aonacht is about getting back in touch with your personal intuition. It is about peeling back all the layers of negativity that have built up over the years, gradually obscuring your individual energy. It is about rediscovering who you are.

Proust Questionnaire

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Learn new habits to improve your business

How often have you heard it said you are what you repeatedly do? No where is this more true than in business where non productive habits and behaviour patterns can significantly impact upon business performance.

Anger management

An anger management programme will start in Ballina Family Resource Centre in October 2010.

Make your goals a reality

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A job, healthier finances, a better work/life balance or more quality time with your family. Goals are the starting point of creating a new reality but without proper thought and planning many of them are doomed to failure.

Anger management

An anger management course will take place in the Ballina Family Resource Centre, Abbey Street, Ballina, for one evening a week.

Anger management

An anger management programme will commence in early May in the Ballina Family Resource Centre, Abbey Street, Ardnaree.

Golden Days

My irritating mother


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