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Dear Editor,

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre welcomes O’Brien’s bail withdrawal

Dear Editor,

Toyota GT86 is Top Gear’s Car of the Year

When Toyota set about creating the GT86, the guiding principle was that it should be a car devoted to the pure passion of driving. It is an ethos that has helped earn the sports coupe worldwide acclaim, and now the honour of being named Top Gear magazine’s Car of the Year 2012.

Bell, book and Kindle

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AS A bookseller, the perceived challenge posed by modern technology in general, and by the Kindle in particular, to the continued existence of the book is a matter of professional and personal concern.

New MINI Clubvan delivers on many levels

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The all-new Mini clubvan with five doors has just gone on sale. It is the first new Mini to be classed as a commercial vehicle. Mini Ireland will only market Cooper D Clubvan with an entry level price of €20,800

Mayo AC celebrated 25th birthday in style

Mayo AC celebrated their 25th Anniversary in style at a party night in the Welcome Inn Hotel, Castlebar at the start of the month. A broad spectrum of members from the early days of the late '80s to the present time were among those enjoying the celebrations. It was a wonderful opportunity for old friends and rivals to meet again, run down memory lane, mix with the post millennium intake, and share training methods from the days of hand-written results sheets to today's racing menu where it's chips with everything. In tandem with the club's success, membership has grown from 30 odd in 1999 to over 140 in 2012.

Remembering Myles Joyce

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In April 1980, I interviewed Mrs Sarah Lynskey from Bridge Street, on her 100th birthday, for this column. In the course of our conversation, she told me her earliest memory was of “kneeling on the Salmon Weir Bridge with my mother and a lot of Claddagh women praying. I know they were Claddagh women because I can still see the triangles of shawl as they knelt on the bridge. We were praying for a fellow, they were going to hang him the next day. Joyce was his name”. She was talking about Myles Joyce, an innocent man who was to be hanged along with two others for the Maamtrasna murders.

New Mini Clubvan delivers on many levels

The new Mini Clubvan with five doors has just gone on sale - the first new Mini to be classed as a commercial vehicle.

Tricksters, undemonstrative fathers, and other stories...

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I wonder would the following story still happen in Galway today. It happened in more innocent times, in the early 1960s. A very upper class gentleman, Major Woodfall Murphy, rented Bermingham House, the great 18th century pile once owned by the barons of Athenry, on the outskirts of Tuam. The genuinely snobby Lady Molly Cusack Smith, who owned the pile, was only too glad with the promised extra lolly. To the outsider it all felt hunky-dory: One snob helping another.

Kirwan’s Lane

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This medieval street dates back as far as the 16th century and is believed to be one of only five medieval lanes that still exist in the city out of an original 14. It is considered by historians and archaeologists to be one of the richest areas “in terms of its medieval layout, building design and street plan”. It evidently received its name from the Kirwan family, one of only two of ‘the tribes’ who were of Gaelic origin. They were successful merchants and landowners who moved into the city around 1490, and whose wealth helped Galway reach the peak of its splendour during the 16th and 17th centuries.


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