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‘Angels from heaven’ swindle nearly €390,000 from elderly lady

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An elderly lady has been left financially ruined and fearful after being befriended, deceived, and cruelly swindled out of nearly €390,000 from her savings, the Galway Circuit Court heard this week.

Galway man jailed for ‘professional’ job on filling station

A Galway man who took part in a “professional” burglary in which €34,000 worth of cigarettes and cash was taken has been jailed for four years with the final three suspended.

Drunk burglar found asleep by eagle-eyed garda

A burglar who was found drunk and asleep in a house by an eagle-eyed detective who spotted a ladder leading up to the window had to be placed on a stretcher and lowered down by the fire brigade, the Galway District Court heard this week.

Cinema Review - Sherlock Holmes

Guy Richie has managed to claw his way back from the film industry rubbish heap to be once again on top of his game with this exciting and innovative take on the much loved character of Sherlock Holmes. Gone is all that ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’, nonsense and welcome a fast thinking, bare-knuckle punching, slightly mad (but in a good way) detective that is so fun to watch you will be itching for a sequal.

Detective to further investigate Lithuanian driver’s documents

A Lithuanian national whose driving licence was deemed a counterfeit by a detective garda from Garda Headquarters — who specialises in handwriting and documents — furnished more documentation at Claremorris District Court this week for further investigation.


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