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The Gallery Café, Queen Street, Gort

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Over the past few years Gort has had a lot of bad press about the state of the road, the endless traffic jams, and of course the really bad flooding. Now that the town has been bypassed one might be forgiven for thinking that it is probably a ghost town with crater-sized potholes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The town has a super new smooth tarmac road all the way through it, nearly every premises has huge flowering hanging baskets and it is quite busy, in fact it looks very well. The phrase gorgeous Gort is being used by local businesses, and they are living up to this claim. One place that has seen a major transformation is The Gallery Café; you may have seen it located in the square area of Gort, painted a funky colour and indeed I was there back in 2006 and had some very good food. The Gallery Café has moved to a new premises, just off the main street at the junction where Supermac’s is located. The new premises is as funky as the last and must be 10 times the size of the previous one.

New band to rock Seans

The Ginger Biscuits are among the fresh young bands coming out of Athlone recently.

Regional Assembly reviews electricity grid

Proposals to remove unsightly electricity cables from the landscape with a move towards underground wiring were discussed at the BMW Regional Assembly this month during a review of EirGrid’s plans to upgrade the national electricity transmission network.

Kent man gets 23 years in jail for murdering Galwayman

A Kent man last night received a life sentence after being found guilty of the murder of his friend, Galway man Cathal Hughes.

White House curator to attend Hoban memorial opening

The James Hoban Memorial Arbour, erected to commemorate the Kilkenny-born architect who designed and built the White House, will be officially opened on Sunday October 5.

Planet of sound

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FOR THE best part of 20 years AC/DC have been a major part of my life and for my money they are second only to The Beatles in terms of greatness.

Amusement Parks On Fire - ‘magical and intense’

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AMUSEMENT PARKS On Fire’s music has been described as “atmospheric punk rock space blues for the 21st century” and this young English band are set to unleash something special tomorrow when they play the Róisín Dubh at 9pm.

Blizzards hop on rock ‘n’ roll train

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Few music fans would dispute the inclusion of Oasis and AC/DC in any rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame. One would assume that any band lucky enough to support either of these rock giants could be safely declared to have hit the big time.

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