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Safety first this Halloween

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A lack of funding will see community warden patrols finish before dark on Halloween night, leaving bonfire safety to the Garda, and fire services, according to chairman of the joint policing committee, Councillor Padraig Conneely.

NUIG leads UNESCO study in Zambia

The UNESCO Child, Youth and Civic Engagement team, based in NUIG, is to take part in an international collaborative research project on civic engagement, youth, and gender in Zambia.

Enjoy a weekend of Japanese films

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THE JAPANESE Film Festival takes place this weekend in the Town Hall Theatre with an array of diverse new films from the country to be screened.

Specialist wig stylist at MOHH

Cancer is affecting an increasing number of people in Ireland, and hair loss is a well-documented side effect of cancer treatments.

Make (and bake) it a Christmas to remember

Remember last Christmas? Fighting traffic, stuck in shopping centre car parks? Fighting with the other harried shopper over the last bath set at the chemist on Christmas Eve? Wracking your brains trying to remember who you forgot? And then realising you forgot someone very important in the stress of it all?

Emergency services urge Hallowe’en safety

Athlone Fire Brigade is appealing to members of the public for their assistance in ensuring Hallowe’en goes by without any serious injury or avoidable emergency call-outs.

Be safe and have some fun this Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en can be great. It’s the last holiday before the roll-out (be it premature) of everything Christmas. Not to mention we get a bank holiday, kids get a couple of days off, we all get to eat sweets, play Hallowe’en games, and everyone can dress up without being judged (mostly)!

Bring the London look to Galway with Karma

Karma niteclub will be giving Galway ladies a fashion boost this Christmas.

Cinema Review - The men who stare at goats

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Psychic ‘Jedi’ new Earth soldiers passing through walls, controlling minds, and even killing goats by staring at them, sounds ridiculous but it’s just the type of nonsense that makes a great war comedy caper. Wonderful, wacky, and weird, this film is a must-see with brilliant performances from George Clooney and Jeff Bridges.

Halloween fun was had by all at Finbar Hoban presents.....

All manner of ghastly ghouls came out in force on Halloween night for Finbar Hoban Presents... ‘I know what you did last Halloween’ – a spooky, kooky, and fun night with some great alternative music and some even more alternative costumes! The variety of costumes on show was entertainment enough in itself, some examples being; a Miss Incredible, an early eighties Madonna, a Mr and Mrs Satan Claus, and a Chewbacca. Prizes for best costume went to Adrian Ryan/Satan Claus, Aisling Holian/Miss Incredible, and Keith Mc Greal/Man with knife in back. There was also a ‘Monster Mash’, a ‘Thriller’ dance off. And that’s not to mention the best, and most important part, which is what the Bar Ritz gigs have now become renowned for the music.


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