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A visit to Birr Castle Demesne a must during St Patrick’s weekend

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Consistently placed in the top 10 places to visit, a trip to Birr Castle Demesne over St Patrick’s Weekend is sure to be a hit with the entire family.

Residential Branch of the Year Award

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Sherry FitzGerald’s Galway branch was presented with the company’s Residential Branch of the Year 2023 award at its traditional in-person annual conference held recently in Dublin.

Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park in Moate to host Festival Mná

'Festival Mná' will take pride of place in Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park on Saturday, January 7, from 10am to 4pm.

Ghostbuster star’s round sees Galway Bay Golf Resort feature on Amazon Prime

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Galway Bay Golf Resort features on Links Life: Murray Edition, the show which features Bill Murray and his family traveling around some of Ireland’s top golf courses.

Wilfrid Scawen Blunt in Galway Gaol

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Blunt was an aristocratic English writer, a person of remarkable ability who, as “the best looking man in England was credited with having refreshed the blood of several ancient families”. He was always against colonialism and sympathetic to small nations, so it was no surprise that he became an ardent supporter of Home Rule for Ireland. In 1887, he was in Ireland to study the grievances of the people when he heard that evictions had recommenced on the 56,000-acre estate of Lord Clanricarde in Woodford.

Traditions of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees as they came to be now started around the late 1400s into the 1500s. In what’s now Germany (was the Holy Roman Empire then), the Paradise Tree had more decorations on it (sometimes communion wafers, cherries and later pastry decorations of stars, bells, angels, etc. were added) and it even got a new nickname the ‘Christbaum’ or ‘Christ Tree’.

The Galway starvation riots

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Our illustration today was published in the Illustrated London News on June 25, 1842, and was intended to “Convey an idea of the desperation to which the poor people of Galway have been reduced by the present calamitous season of starvation. The scene represented above is an attack upon a potato store in the town of Galway, on the 13th of the present month, when the distress had become too great for the poor squalid and unpitied inhabitants to endure their misery any longer, without some more substantial alleviation than prospects of coming harvest; and their resource in this case was to break open the potato stores and distribute their contents, without much discrimination, among the plunderers, and to attack the mills where oatmeal was known to be stored.

From Dingle to Dominick Street, Seamus Begley’s Traditional Style at Monroe’s Live

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While the award-winning musician is renowned for his Kerry wit and repartee, his most recent songs display a tenderness and emotional vulnerability, that comes with the power of experience. Working with the calibre of singer Mary Black and guitarist Jim Murray, Seamus Begley is also carving his own path as he celebrates decades on the music scene. To this end, his name alone is synonymous with traditional music in Ireland and abroad.

Young female left ‘quite shaken’ following incident on Athlone Greenway

Gardai are continuing to investigate an incident during which a female in her 20s was left “shaken” after a man grabbed her on the shoulder while she was enjoying a leisurely run on the greenway in Athlone.

Cost a big factor in electric car decisions

Sustainability is at the forefront of consumers’ minds with 93 per cent of those recently surveyed saying they have made changes to be more sustainable - including recycling (92 per cent), and shopping locally (72 per cent ).


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