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‘I want to make Resurgam better known outside Ireland’

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THESE ARE changing and exciting times for Resurgam, the Galway project based vocal ensemble. Already regarded as the premier such ensemble in Ireland, its new general manager, Vlad Smishkewych, has ambitions to make them a force across the European continent.

The French Revolution and the revolution in the Martin household

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On the afternoon of July 14 1789 a mob unleashed its fury and frustration by forcing an entry into the Bastille, a medieval armoury, fortress and political prison in the centre of Paris. In the short but bloody battle that ensued some 98 of the mob were killed, as were three officers of the guard. Three more were lynched, and Marquis de Launay, governor of the prison, and the local mayor, Prevot de Flesselles, who had pleaded for peace, were stabbed to death and beheaded. Although the prison contained only seven inmates at the time of the storming, it was seen as a symbol of the monarchy’s abuse of power. It was the flashpoint of the French Revolution.

Local Sinn Féin Deputy urges Government to deliver on gender equality

Local Sinn Féin Deputy, Sorca Clarke, has urged the Government to do much more to deliver gender equality, warning that many women still face unacceptable barriers to working after they have children.

Three things for runners to consider when including gym work into their schedule

When considering adding gym work or Pilates into your schedule it is first important to ask, what is the benefit? It can be difficult enough to find time for running, yet alone supplementary training, so it is important to ask if it is worth it. As a runner in his mid-thirties who ran sub 14 minutes for 5k and sub eight for 3k this year, I would say yes. I have seen two main benefits from doing gym and Pilates that make them an essential part of my routine.

SF's housing figures just don't add up

Scenes from the recent Mica protest in Dublin were stirring, with up to 30,000 of our citizens pouring from buses and cars onto the streets of Dublin. Much of the crowd travelled the long and winding roads from Donegal, with green and yellow jerseys standing out from the throng. But there were also families from Mayo, Clare and Limerick; the places where the sub-standard blocks used to build homes have wreaked the most devastating of consequences.

Gala Concert celebrates forty years of Music for Galway

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Music for Galway, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this autumn, begins its new season with a gala concert next Thursday September 30th, 8pm, at the Town Hall, Galway.

Westmeath residential property prices increase during second quarter of year

Property prices in Westmeath have risen by €2,525 during the quarter, according to the latest Property Report.

Galway property prices mirror national trend by rising by an average €5,000, report shows

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Property prices in Galway have mirrored the national trend and risen by €5,000 during the quarter, according to the latest Property Report.

Cunningham scores winner for United

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Lough Ree RNLI rescue numerous personnel aboard stranded boats

Lough Ree RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews came to the assistance of two cruisers on the lake this bank holiday weekend taking seven people to safety.


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