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Plans afoot for The Gathering in Westport

Westport is co-ordinating a number of ideas in preparation of The Gathering 2013—a year long celebration, which will encourage as many of the Diaspora as possible to return to the country, According to festival co-ordinator Dermot Langan, October 31 is the deadline for all ideas so that a calendar of events can then be prepared for the Westport area. Mr Langan said: “as Westport is the best place to live it is also the best place to gather.”

Westport town councillors will not take abolition ‘lying down’

Councillor Myles Staunton said that the abolition of Westport Town Council would be a “retrograde step” and said that the council “will go down shouting” if town councils are to be eradicated

Two CCTV cameras to be installed in Westport

Two CCTV cameras will soon be installed in Westport as part of the town’s CCTV system.

‘People sick and tired’ of antisocial behaviour in local authority houses

Councillor Christy Hyland once again raised the ongoing problems with antisocial behaviour in local authority houses in Westport. “Where are we at with dealing with it?” he asked the town’s Joint Policing Committee meeting this week, as “people are sick and tired” of it.

Six arrests made in relation to summer burglaries in Westport

Six arrests have been made in relation to burglaries which took place in the Westport area over the summer. Superintendent of Westport, Aiden Foley, said that three people are before the courts as a result of these arrests. Supt Foley informed members of these arrests at the town’s JPC which took place on Monday.

Residents being kept awake by anti social behaviour — Cllr Hyland

Westport town councillor Christy Hyland has hit out at how the council is dealing with antisocial behaviour in local authority houses in the town. At the town council meeting last Thursday, Cllr Hyland said: ‘This is my fifth time bringing up anti-social behaviour.”

Refurbishment of convent will not be finished before 2014

Councillor Margaret Adams said that she was disappointed that the refurbishment project of the former Convent of Mercy in Westport — where the town’s civic offices are planned to relocate to — will be not be completed sooner then mid-2014.

Councillor suggests new roundabout system for Westport

Councillor Christy Hyland said that for a one month trial period the traffic lights near the Castlecourt Hotel should be switched off and a roundabout system be put in place in order to alleviate traffic congestion in the town.

‘Put them out’—councillor calls for action on unlawful tenants

Tenants of local authority houses who engage in criminal activity or antisocial behaviour should be put out of their accommodation, according to Westport town councillor Christy Hyland.

Four camera CCTV system for Westport

A smaller CCTV system than first proposed will be installed in Westport due to a lack of available funding.


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