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Detached property in a quiet development

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Heskin auctioneers is offering a detached residence in Cuan Glas to the market.

Spacious three bed duplex in Dun Aras

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O’Donnellan & Joyce is offering for sale No 42 Dun Aras, Bishop O’Donnell Road, Galway, a three bedroom apartment in a student accommodation village for NUIG students.

The Presentation Sisters, 200 years in Galway

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In 1815, the warden of Galway Dr French went to Kilkenny to ask sisters of the Presentation Order to return with him to Galway to found a convent here. A Reverend Bartholomew Burke has left a fund of £4,800 for the purpose. Three sisters arrived here in October of that year. They moved into a house in Kirwan’s Lane temporarily, and from there to Eyre Square. On March 25th, 1819, they moved to a house in poor condition that had originally been built as a Charter School and which would become known as the Presentation Convent. The following year they opened their school adjacent to the convent.

Beautiful family home in an idyllic location

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Heskin auctioneers is offering to the market this substantial residence at No 2 Cuan Glas.

Classical music concert in St Nicholas’

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AN ILLINOIS student orchestra will be in Galway this Sunday to perform work by Bach, Holst, and Sibelius, in St Nicholas Collegiate Church at 8pm.

‘It turns the whole comedy gig format on its head’

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“THE WHEEL of Fortune, round it goes, where it stops nobody knows” goes the old fairground cry and for Jason Byrne’s new show that cry will be the maxim of the night, taking the audience and the comedian himself into uncharted, maybe even unchartable, territory.

Civic and religious leaders gather for 26th Christmas Messages radio programme

Galway’s civic and religious leaders will be delivering their Christmas messages on Galway Bay fm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

James Hack Tuke and his plan to assist emigration from west of Ireland

The agricultural crisis of 1879, and growing civic unrest, prompted the Society of Friends in England to send James Hack Tuke to the west to inquire into conditions and to distribute relief. Tuke, the son of a well-to-do tea and coffee merchant family in York, England, published his observations in Irish Distress and its Remedies: A visit to Donegal and Connaught in the spring of 1880. In clear-cut language he highlighted the widespread distress and destitution at a time when the British government questioned the extent of the crisis.

Breakfast club

Having spent a few years of my teens and early twenties meat free, I am still in the habit of scanning a menu to see what is on offer for vegan and vegetarian folk. As I recall, it was the smell of a smokey bacon burger after one too many fermented apple juices on a student night out that brought me back to being a practising carnivore. Just as well really, as a column featuring vegetarian food in Galway would have been very short lived. The vegetarian option is sadly still all too often the afterthought when planning a menu.

Flannery calls on Bishop to make donation to LGBT centre to make up for ‘disgraceful’ comments

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Fine Gael Councillor for Galway West Pearce Flannery has come out strongly in support of the call for the provision of a LGBT resource centre in Galway.


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