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Learn to overcome panic and anxiety

Panic attacks are terrifying and can happen without warning or reason. They are characterised by sudden fear and extreme nervousness along with the sense of going crazy or losing control.

Are stress and illness blocking your energy, health, life and well-being?

At one time or another in our lives, people of all ages experience stress – it is part and parcel of everyday living and can be an appropriate reaction to some situations. The adrenaline released by stress helps us to respond quickly in dangerous situations, but if we are unable to switch off this state of high alert we can put excessive strain on our bodies. This leads to anxiety, sleeplessness, recurring headaches and many other symptoms.

'What are you worrying about?'

If you worry about global warming, come and cool down.

Stressin’ out

Stress. We can’t live with it, but unfortunately for most of us, we also can’t live without it.

Support group in Erris

Hypnosis and panic attacks

Irish Hypnosis is one of the few hypnosis companies in Ireland that can claim to significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate, negative symptoms associated with panic attacks after one single session! If you are one of the many people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks then you know the detrimental impact they can have on a person’s life.

Building up your inner resources for dealing with stress

Do you have wall to wall, floor to ceiling self-help books at home? Each time you see a new title do you think aha ... this one has the answer!

Samaritans call on society to move away from fixation with exam results

The Galway branch of the Samaritans is calling on society to stop placing excessive emphasis on examination results.

Helping people find solutions to the recession

Personal motivator Betty Cosgrave will give a free 90-minute talk on “Finding solutions in these challenging times” at the Radisson Hotel on Tuesday October 6 at 7pm.


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