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As west swelters, college releases local weather app for iPhone

Last year, NUI Galway released an Android weather app to keep Galwegians up-to-date on local weather and weather trends. Due to popular demand, the university has now released an iPhone version. The app development was carried out by Ronan Everiss, an NUI Galway Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate under the supervision of Dr Hugh Melvin.

‘Getting a kidney transplant would be better than winning the Lotto’

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Joe Walls was in his late thirties when he started to get dizzy spells. He felt exhausted as well. He was doing a FAS course at the time and when he came home in the evening he would be “incredibly tired” and only able to “crash out in front of the television”.

Workload and staring at the screen common headache triggers in Connacht

Headaches lead to more than 890,000 missed days of work annually and a further one in five people in Ireland have had limited work ability due to a headache. Headache sick days cost Irish employers €99.5 million annually. This research was announced at the launch of Headache Awareness Week, which takes place from March 16 to 23, in association with Nurofen. The research also revealed that within the workplace, 24 per cent of people in Connacht said their workload is their biggest headache trigger, 22 per cent claimed that staring at the screen all day was the main cause, while dealing with stressed colleagues or clients triggered work headaches for another 17 per cent of respondents.

Councillors not buying into modern way of reporting issues

The reporting of potholes, illegal dumping, leaks and other such issues to both town and county councils was once upon a time in the main part the work of elected councillors. But not so any more. The elected members of Mayo County Council were given a demonstration on the new website and some were not impressed with what they saw.

Click A Taxi app helps Big O Taxis get SMARTer

A new smartphone app launched last autumn in Galway by local taxi company Big O Taxis has revolutionised the way in which people in Galway have been booking taxis.

Put money saving coupons on your smartphone for 2013 with Woosh Wallet

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Discount coupons, free coupons, money-saving coupons…who knew it was so easy to save money with smartphone coupons? Galway-based Woosh Wallet’is a new app for iPhone and Android that offers you just that. Coupons on your phone that you simply show to your server to redeem.

Appy Days with Big O Taxis

A new smartphone app launched this week by a local taxi company looks set to revolutionise the way in which people will book taxis. This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone smart phones.

Historical drama at Athlone Film Club with Free Men

Take a trip back to Paris during the war with Athlone Film Club, who are delighted to be bringing the historical drama Free Men to the Dean Crowe Theatre next Tuesday November 13 at 8pm.

Google new releases to finally offer proper competition to Apple?

Hurricane Sandy hurricane did not stop the Mountain View company, which has officially shown the world its new tablets and smartphone.

Tradiohead - on the way to Electric Picnic

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RADIOHEAD’S MUSICAL journey over the past 20 years has been one of rock’s most fascinating and often, for their audience, a challenging listening experience. The Oxford quintet began life playing the massive sounding, alternative rock, guitar anthems of Pablo Honey and The Bends.


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