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Are you tired of being tired?

Do you suffer from low mood and lack the stamina to get things done? Food can be your greatest medicine, or the slowest poison if you do not eat the right foods for your body.

Do food intolerances cause eczema?

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“Frustrated parents, along with irritated children, presenting with itchy, red, bleeding, and puss-filled skin sores are cases we see all too often at The Liosbaun Clinic,” according to Yvonne O' Shaughnessy, nutritionist and leading food intolerance specialist at the clinic. “The occurrence of eczema in children is far more prevalent nowadays, and I see it being related mainly to diet but also other environmental factors a lot of the time.”

Why you can't lose weight — what foods are making you fat?

The IgG weight loss system is a revolutionary way to lose weight using blood analysis. Did you know that despite all your efforts to work out and lose weight, if you are eating foods you are allergic or intolerant to it can make you fat? When an intolerance has developed, for example to wheat, the body will hold onto fluids to protect any potentially vulnerable areas, such as the intestinal tract. This water retention causes puffiness and weight gain.

Food intolerance testing at Health and Herbs

A food allergy happens almost immediately, usually within one hour. This reaction is very evident.

A change of diet can improve your health

Antibiotics are being over-used to treat many forms of chronic illness in Ireland, which could be simply improved by a change in diet; a situation which, significantly, is contributing to the dangerous rise in antibiotic resistant infection like MRSA and ESBL.

Anne Tobin allergy testing clinic

Anne Tobin is the anatomy and physiology lecturer of her very popular beauty college.

Mayo Food Allergy and Intolerance Testing Centre

What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance and how do you know if you have either or both? Food/chemical/environmental allergy occurs in response to exposure to a substance which the immune system perceives as a threat. The immune system responds with an over reaction in an attempt to detoxify the offending substance to protect the body. Symptoms tend to be instant and can vary from mild discomfort to anaphylactic and life threatening. Intolerance on the other hand occurs in response to the accumulation of toxins and indigestible food substances which settle in layers on the small intestine wall and accumulate in the organs and tissues of the body. Symptoms tend to be chronic, ongoing and recurring. Intolerance affects a larger number of people than allergy.

Relieve hay fever and sinus with Care Cure Acupuncture

For many summer can be a worrying time, bringing with it sudden attacks of sneezing, blocked noses, itching of the roof of the mouth, and red, watery, and itchy eyes.

Hay fever: natural help at hand

Does spring bring with it the miseries of hay fever? If you have the yearly running nose, watering eyes and sneezing problems, it can spoil anything from football to a walk in the local park. You can control these symptoms with conventional medicine but as soon as it wears off, the problem returns, often year after year.

Allergy testing at Care Cure

An allergy or intolerance is an acute sensitivity to an otherwise harmless substance, which the immune system confuses with a dangerous infection thereby releasing a surge of histamine, which causes allergic symptoms.


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