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Jail and psychiatric assessment for Shell to Sea activist

Retired school principal and prolific Shell to Sea activist, Maura Harrington, Tullyaghanbawn, Geesala, Belmullet, was sentenced to 28 days in jail and recommended to undergo psychiatric assessment, by Judge Mary Devins at Belmullet District Court on Wednesday, after Harrington was convicted of a section two assault on retired garda Eamon Berry on June 11 2007 during a protest at Pullathomas Pier. The defendant, who was also bound to the peace for 12 months for a public offence on a different date, failed to sign the bond. Due to her contempt of court Harrington was sentenced to jail a further two days concurrent.

Shell to Sea protesters made application for Judge Devins to disqualify herself from their cases

An application by Shell-to-Sea protesters for Judge Mary Devins to disqualify herself from hearing their cases was refused by the judge at Belmullet District Court on Wednesday.

Maura Harrington in court on trespassing and assault charges

Following her non-appealed 28 day stint in prison, Maura Harrington appeared before Belmullet District Court on Wednesday for the continuation of a part heard case where it was alleged that Harrington, Tullyaghanbawn, Geesala, Belmullet, who appeared to three witnesses to be in an “aggressive” and “drunk” state, climbed over the gate at a private Roadbridge site in Glengad on June 19 2008 at 12.50am; went into a security cabin where she removed a log book and threw it away; tried to remove a camera from one of the IRMS security men who was filming the incident; kicked one of the security men in the groin; and tried to smash the window of a car parked in the yard with a block but failed in her attempts.

IRMS security employers not to appear before court

Following a request by Judge Mary Devins for the prosecution in an assault case involving Maura Harrington to go back to the DPP in light of recent media reports about the connection between IRMS staff — who were witnesses in the case — and issues in Bolivia in relation to the credibility of these witnesses, and that the security employers may be called into court, Superintendent Frank Walsh outlined that DPP direction was not for the employers to be called into court, that any involvement with the security company outside of the jurisdiction should not be examined, and that evidence should be based on the veracity of the two witnesses.

Shell to Sea protesters in court

More than 20 protesters opposed to the Shell project in north Mayo were crammed into a packed Belmullet District Court on Wednesday to face a litany of mostly public order charges in relation to incidents spanning throughout the Belmullet area in May and June.

Man illegally collected money on St Patrick’s Day

A man who collected €196 on St Patrick’s Day in Belmullet without a permit, for an organisation which has not yet been established, was before Belmullet District Court on Wednesday.

Jail and driving disqualification for Shell to Sea protestor

Retired schoolteacher and leading Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington received her fourth jail sentence this year when she was sentenced to three months in jail for assault and trespassing—at Belmullet District Court on Wednesday. This sentence came a day after a two-year driving disqualification was imposed on her at a Ballina District Court sitting.

Bail for six men involved in Ballina family feud

Six cousins who were involved in disturbances in Ballina last weekend were before Ballina District Court on Tuesday for dangerous driving, assault, and criminal damage charges in the Fenian Row, Teeling Street, and Tone Street areas of Ballina.

Ballina man terrorised another into withdrawing cash from ATMs

An 18-year-old man who stole a mobile phone and then made the injured party withdraw €700 from various ATMs in order get the phone back, was before Ballina District Court on Tuesday where he was sentenced to St Patrick’s Institution for theft. The Ballina man was also jailed for using counterfeit notes.

Bar owner and patrons, Talk of the Town after birthday bash

The licensee of a pub in Bangor Erris was before Belmullet District Court on Wednesday along with a number of patrons who were on his premises after hours continuing birthday celebrations.


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