Knocked trees still not replaced by developers

Glynn calls for enforcement action

Trees that were knocked over last summer in Ardleigh Crescent and Vale and Ardilaun Heights and Green have not yet been replaced by the developer, according to residents of the area.

The young trees were damaged and knocked last year by a contractor employed by the developer to cut the grass. Residents expressed their concern at the time at the “lackadaisical manner” in which the developer was causing damage to the estates.

This week chairperson of the Mullingar West Community Council, Fergal Hingerty, explained that a number of residents had contacted him recently to highlight the problems they are having in getting the trees replaced.

“Mullingar West Community Council has been contacted by various residents’ associations who are having difficulty getting trees replaced that were knocked down by the incompetence of the developer. The developer has always treated us with contempt. The estates have never been properly landscaped, and the fact that no trees have been planted has added insult to injury,” he said.

Meanwhile Cllr Ken Glynn is calling on Westmeath County Council to immediately take enforcement action to ensure that developers take responsibility for their estates.

“It is time the council looked at going down the enforcement route. The residents were given a commitment by Westmeath County Council that if the situation continued, action would be taken. With the exception of a few signs and ramps, the developers have done absolutely nothing in the last few years,” he said.



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