Final chance for would-be athlete

A young Mullingar man has been warned that if his new year’s resolutions don’t involve an improvement in his behaviour, the court will decide how he spends 2014.

Judge Seamus Hughes told Adam Daly of Abbeylands, Mullingar, that he was tired of hearing excuses from him and that he has done nothing to show how his behaviour has improved or changed.

The judge has long expressed serious concern for Daly who was once a promising athlete, but is coming to terms with a drug addiction.

He said he wants proper proof that the young man is clear of drugs.

Daly came before the court last year following a series of incidents which occurred while Daly was under the influence of cannabis and other drugs.

He was due to start a treatment programme in Dublin but when he appeared in court on January 2, Daly said he had contacted the centre earlier that morning but it is closed until the first “working week” of January.

Daly’s latest drug test showed he was clear on December 6 last year and Daly said he hasn’t taken drugs in a month. The results of his last fortnightly test are still at the lab in Beaumont, he said.

However, his solicitor Emeria Flood said he is attending counselling with the Open Door centre in Mullingar.

He also failed to attend two appointments with the Probation Service since December and Judge Hughes said he is very annoyed about this.

Daly said he’d been in Dublin and the roads were too bad to travel back for his appointment. He said he’d texted his probation officer but Judge Hughes said this was unsatisfactory.

Inspector Jarlath Folan said there have been no incidents involving Daly since his last court appearance and that he is complying with his bail conditions.

Daly’s case was adjourned for a week, and he was warned to have an up-to-date probation report, and proof that he is engaging in treatment.

Judge Hughes said he could very easily and without hesitation finalise Daly’s cases before the court by jailing him for six months.

“There’s not once scintilla of evidence that you’ve changed from the path of self-destruction,” he said, adding that Daly is the bane of his parents’ lives.

“Set a new year’s resolution for yourself and if you don’t, the court will decide how you enjoy 2014,” Judge Hughes said, warning him to phone the Probation Service the minute he got home.


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