Look forward, not back

Isn’t it scary how quickly things change? Who would have thought that by the end of 2008 we would all be looking at the world in a different light? I certainly didn’t.

I think it’s fair to say at this late stage in the day that no matter how much we have all tried to ignore reality, all our lives have been impacted greatly by forces beyond our control.

Christmas is such a busy time of year. The pressure to get the right gift, have the perfect dress, and meet everyone for some merriment can be overwhelming. Although we all seem to be broke, the pressure to keep up with the Jones’ hasn’t stopped.

And at this time of the year, when we’re all hellbent on having a good time and ringing in the new year in style, it’s hard to think about those who perhaps couldn’t see 2008 come to a close any sooner. It’s so easy to forget those in pain at Christmas. Those who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, or perhaps lost a love one.

I have lost count of the sorrowful stories we have had in this paper over the last 12 months. Job losses, fatal car crashes, and even murder. So much for living in the sticks where nothing ever happens.

So when you’re in the pub over the next few days giving out about the banks, and the price of toilet paper, remember those who are in a much worse position than you, and be thankful for what you have.

None of us can predict what the new year will bring. More than likely though, there will be more financial hardship, and more job losses. This isn’t what any of us want to see, but it’s the harsh reality of the world we live in.

So over the next week or so, appreciate what you have. OK so you didn’t get that Tiffany’s ring, or that new must have game for the Wii, but it could be worse.

For all our sakes, let’s hope that 2009 will bring a bit more good news, and that perhaps this time next year we will be looking back at a year of more ups than downs.

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.

Thank you for staying with us this year. I have greatly enjoyed hearing from readers, politicians, and those in the business, sport, property, and entertainment industries. Wishing you all the best for 2009.

Maria Daly



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