Judge pleads with women of the Travelling community

Judge Neilan has called on women in the Travelling community to “bring an end to the madness in this town and country,” by using their influence over their family members.

“People like you have power,” he said to Kathleen Nevin, 6 St Michael’s Park whose charge of threatening, abusive behaviour at 35 Cathedral View on July 23 last year was dismissed under the Probation Act.

“Female members of your community are very anxious to get on and improve their lot but are held back by others hell-bent on causing mischief,” he added, warning Ms Nevin that if she’s convicted again, she faces a prison sentence.

He made the same request of a number of women, all of whom faced the same charge in relation to the same incident, described by Garda Feery as a “mass brawl” in which 15 women attacked a house at 1.40pm.

He told 21-year-old Theresa Nevin of 62 Carmody Way, Fairgreen, Portlaoise that he noted her age and asked her to use her influence regarding people of her own age in the community.

“I admire the female members of your community who want to get on,” he said. “It’s a matter for you to decide what side you’re going to jump.”

Likewise he told Pamela Joyce, 11 St Columba’s Terrace, Navan that females “have the advantage and the upper hand” and warned her not to engage in further brawling.

When Bernadette Nevin of 45 Glenbarrow, Ballyfin Road, Portlaoise appeared before him, he asked her to use her best influence.

“Put your foot down with a firm hand when dealing with your men,” he told her.

In a similar vein he reminded Kathleen Nevin, of Fisherstown, Clondra, Longford to use her influence. He told the mother of four that her children were entitled to “the best slice possible from the cake of life”.



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