Derelict site in NAMA limbo - court hears

A developer who couldn’t improve a site on Mullingar’s Dublin Road without negotiating with NAMA has pleaded guilty to failing to complete actions ordered in a Derelict Sites Notice.

Mullingar District Court heard that Patrick Kerrigan of Clonbeg House, Cortown, Kells in County Meath was served with notice on December 4 last year to complete six actions by January 18 this year.

While he has made some progress, the work is not complete and negotiations are still underway with NAMA about whether the demolition of a house on the site is in the best interest of taxpayers.

The order related to a house garage, shed, and surrounds at the site falling into dereliction and six measures were required, solicitor Paul Connellan said for Westmeath County Council.

He said the council had received complaints about the site and the problem is not the visibility of the site on a main road but that young people and children have access to it.

But Kerrigan’s solicitor Matt Shaw said this property and others had been transferred to NAMA and his client was unable to act without their consent so planning permission had to be extended to allow the demolition.

He said Kerrigan has applied to NAMA to release funds to demolish the house and it’s up to them to make the decision about the demolition.

Because he was being prosecuted, Mr Shaw said his client was finally able to say that their decision is urgent because he was being taken to court.

Mr Connellan said Kerrigan’s planning consultant is liaising with the council.

Judge Hughes said if the buoyancy hadn’t gone out of the market, Kerrigan and other developers would be on greener pastures.

He said he was sure Kerrigan had given millions to the Irish exchequer over the years in stamp duty and tax.

Kerrigan was cutting his cloth according to his measure, he said, imposing a fine of €250.


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