Mullingar music momentum moving to ‘Number 1’

As one door closes another door opens, and Number 1 is to take up the baton of cool next weekend on the demise of John Daly’s under its existing management this Sunday, July 14.

After exactly three years together in charge of the landmark, town centre venue, the present partnership between Dec Murphy and Anthony Doran will be called a day this weekend, before Anthony takes over the lease on the former Gillerans bar on Harbour Street.

“We had a great couple of years, and it’s just run its course,” said former member of The Blizzards, Dec Murphy.

He scotched rumours that the Oliver Plunkett premises, owned by local businessman John Daly, was going to be converted into some sort of a grocery. “It’s 100 per cent being kept as a pub,” he said.

Meanwhile, the premises formerly known as Gillerans, McCarthy’s Bar, and Johnnie Macs which was recently purchased by Stephen Cosgrove, will open next Friday, July 19, under the experienced management of Mr Dolan.

“We hope to bring the whole thing down as is - all the staff, all the bands, all the amazing customers. We won’t be changing the wheel,” he said.

He went on to explain how the new Number 1 will be quite different in layout to those who remember any of the former buildings.

“It’s going to be quite new. We ripped out some of the apartments and opened a beer garden upstairs. There’s going to be a bar up there as well, looking out at the sunset. It’s quite a big space,” he added.

“The DJ and sound system are coming with us. We’re kinda keeping the whole vibe going,” he said.

He hopes to open the kitchens in a few weeks once the bar and club were up and running.


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