Drunken woman could have been raped

A woman who was found in a drunken state at the entrance to a housing estate has been warned that she could have been raped, beaten, and dumped in a drain.

Garda Michael Daniels found Rhoda Mulligan, 22 Ginnell Terrace lying on the grass at the entrance to Grange Village at 4.20am on October 26 this year, following a call to the Garda station.

She was very intoxicated and he was unable to ascertain her name or address to bring her home.

Mr Robert Marren said that the 34 year-old student appreciated what Garda Daniels did and believed that her drink had been spiked. She hadn’t taken too much to drink, he said.

She had been out with friends and they had gone their own way home. She had taken a taxi which had brought her to the completely wrong end of town and she was disorientated, added Mr Marren.

Judge Neilan expressed his serious concern that Ms Mulligan had left herself in a “very vulnerable position” and could have found herself “raped, half beaten to death and dumped in a drain miles from Mullingar.”

He said he would expect “some degree of wisdom” from a woman of her age and added that “there are predators in this life who will take maximum advantage”.

Ms Mulligan was fined €100 for being intoxicated in a public place.


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