Road safety audit sought for C-Link

Cllr Ken Glynn is calling on the council to carry out a road safety audit of the junction at Rathgowan Park and Rathgowan Wood, as he says residents are very concerned about their children’s safety in the area.

He presented a petition signed by the local residents asking the council to investigate safety at the junction, as they are concerned at the lack of pedestrian crossing and the height of signage on the roundabout.

“If a pedestrian, particularly a child, is crossing, they will not be seen. I would ask that you get the road safety officer to look at it again. It is not the council’s fault there is speeding traffic, but some simple solutions would be a pedestrian crossing, reduction in the height of signage, a ramp, or a school warden,” said Cllr Glynn.

His calls were supported by Cllr Detty Cornally.

However the council’s director of services David Hogan said in his view the signage was not hindering the view of motorists.

“The C-Link is an orbital route around Mullingar, and if we start putting pedestrian crossings every 100 or 200 metres it will be dangerous as cars won’t be stopping,” he said.

However, he said the council would look into lowering the roundabout if funding was available, and referred the matter to the road safety department.


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