I never sought to avoid penalty points - Troy

Deputy Robert Troy says he has never used his position to attempt to avoid penalty points on his licence.

Speaking to the Advertiser yesterday, in the wake of last week’s news that three court summonses had not been served on the TD, he said, “I have never at any stage sought to avoid penalty points on the basis of my position as an elected representative”.

He said he is willing to cooperate fully with the Gardaí in relation to any “outstanding cases” they believe there are regarding road traffic offences.

“If the Gardaí believe that there any further outstanding issues then I will of course cooperate fully.”

He also welcomed the publication on Wednesday of the report by the Minister for Justice and assistant Garda Commissioner into the cancellation of penalty points.

In a statement he confirmed that he currently has six points on his licence and that he successfully appealed a further two points through the appeals process.

Last week it emerged that summonses for three different motoring offences, relating to dates during 2011 and 2012, were not served on the TD by Gardaí. Three court cases for the offences, two of which relate to alleged speeding in August 2011 and March 2012, and one for parking on a footpath in June 2011, were struck out by the courts because the summonses were not served on Deputy Troy.


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