Deviant and disgusting behaviour

Judge Seamus Hughes has described as “deviant and disgusting” the behaviour of a man who exposed himself in public and made obscene comments to a female garda.

Roy Brennan, Riverdale, Tyrrellspass admitted being drunk on February 16 this year at Grove St and was urinating in a public area, surrounded by people when the garda arrived.

When she asked him to stop, he was “quite obviously exposed,” Inspector Dermot Drea said, and made no secret of the fact he was urinating.

“I’ll put it in your f***ing mouth,” he told the garda, calling her a “b***h” and a “knacker”.

He refused to give his name and address, and swore at her again.

Brennan has 52 previous convictions, including several for assault and public indecency and one for masturbating in public.

Mr Robert Marren accepted that the incident had been unpleasant but said his client apologised to the garda.

A single man, he lives alone in Tyrrellspass not far from his parents who keep an eye on him.

He was working part-time now, but had long periods of unemployment in the past.

He has a drink problem and had been in a pub earlier in the evening.

Judge Hughes described the charge before the court of threatening, abusive behaviour as “an act of indecency couched as public order,” and couldn’t believe a 37-year-old man was in court with his mother on such an offence.

“Why at this stage have you an inclination to expose a part of your body in public?” he asked, but Brennan said he hadn’t been exposing himself.

“This was an indecent act, made more serious by your language to a female garda - why involve yourself in sexual incidents?” the judge asked.

Brennan replied by saying he had been sexually assaulted at the age of 14, but the judge told him he hadn’t been convicted of that, and said it was torturous to get information from Brennan.

“You learned nothing from your previous 10 month sentence in 2009,” he said.

“I did, I did behave myself until now,” Brennan replied, but the judge pointed out public order incidents in 2011 when Brennan had been “acting the brat”.

He ordered Brennan to bring €400 to court on April 4 when he will finalise his decision, but warned Mr Marren that “something worries me” about Brennan.

A psychiatric and probation report are also due on that day.

“It’s appalling stuff that you’d expect from a 19-year-old man whose brain hasn’t fully formed but not from a mature man,” he concluded


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