Grange residents ignore estate safety meeting

Civic apathy continues to be an obstacle to proposed improvements in estate safety after it was revealed that nobody turned up to a meeting on the issue.

This was revealed by Cllr Detty Cornally at the most recent meeting of the Mullingar Town Council.

The issue of HGV traffic in the cul de sac of Grange Crescent has been raised at a number of town council meetings over the last number of months, and one of the executive’s suggestions for the alleviation of this was to open up this dead end to through traffic.

“It needs to be opened at both ends for the proper movement of traffic,” confirmed director of services for Mullingar, David Hogan.

Cllr Detty Cornally pointed out that all lorries delivering to this estate have to back out of the estate and that this was “very dangerous and illegal. Any child could walk out in front of them”.

However, she added that she had “difficulty in getting residents interested”.

“What consultation, if any, has taken place with all residents of Grange Crescent regarding recent suggestions about opening up the cul de sac?” asked Cllr Ken Glynn, who went on to demand that “no such works will proceed unless residents are in agreement with same”.

“The Mullingar area office would welcome any assistance from councillors and residents in seeking a solution to the difficult traffic flow problems in this estate,” Mr Hogan replied diplomatically.

Cllr Glynn suggested the council officers go door-to-door, but this was ruled as too inefficient.

“In terms of getting views from residents, going door-to-door is a major drain on resources,” said Mr Hogan.

“Unfortunately, there was a very poor showing at a meeting of residents recently organised by Cllr Cornally,” he added.

“Nobody showed up,” said Cllr Cornally.


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