Uncertainty on traffic solution for O’Growney Drive

A debate on traffic in O’Growney Drive proved inconclusive at Tuesday’s meeting of Mullingar Town Council, with members and council executive divided on the best solution for the area.

The issue was raised by Cllr Bill Collentine, who asked the council to consider the possibility of a one-way traffic system for the O’Growney Drive area.

Director of services Ray Kenny was unconvinced, however, suggesting that if motorists did not adhere to the proposed one-way system this could lead to more serious traffic problems in the area.

“It’s a long, winding road. If we make it one-way and everyone doesn’t adhere we might have an even bigger mess. If someone going counter-flow met someone who is expecting it to be one-way, are we making it worse or better?” he wondered.

Mr Kenny said he would ask the area engineer to examine the area, but that any new traffic scheme would require the agreement of the majority of residents in the area.

He also suggested an alternative solution which would involve dividing O’Growney Drive in the centre and making it into two short cul de sacs.

Cllr Pat Collins argued that some residents would be in favour of making O’Growney Drive a cul de sac, with an entrance only from the barracks side, with residents able to exit the other end by foot.

Also supporting Cllr Collentine’s motion to tackle the area’s traffic problems was Cllr Ken Glynn, who appealed to the council to consult with residents as “there seems to be a great want for this”.



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