Another service gone from Mullingar Hospital - Penrose

Deputy Willie Penrose has described the removal of post mortem facilities from Mullingar Hospital as a “massive inconvenience to people in Westmeath and Longford”.

“You can imagine my surprise when I recently learned that the post mortem facilities which were available at the Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar, had been transferred from October 1 2010 to the Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore.

“This is another sneaky decision, which was taken without the undertakers in Longford or Westmeath being notified and there was no discussion or recourse to them in relation thereto,” said Deputy Penrose.

“I have been informed by undertakers that the post mortem facilities available in Mullingar were of the highest quality and standard, and the staff involved provided the highest level of co-operation at all times.

“The removal of these facilities from Mullingar will impose a further cost burden upon people at the most difficult times in their lives, and will necessitate further administrative undertakings and contacts for the undertakers involved.

“The question arises at this stage – what else will they remove from Mullingar, or will the stealth programme of downgrading continue?” concluded Deputy Penrose.



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