Brothers in court over extremely threatening behaviour

A pair of Mullingar brothers have been given six month suspended sentences after Mullingar District Court heard of extremely threatening behaviour.

Stephen (24 ) and Michael Fadian both of 287 Dalton Park pleaded guilty to an incident on May 16 this year when gardaí saw Stephen try to start an argument with someone at 3am.

When asked to leave the area he became abusive and told the garda he would “kick the shite out of him”. Inspector Jarlath Folan said the area was packed with members of the public.

Michael Fadian then tried to stop gardaí arresting his brother and began calling them “pigs” and “b*****ds” and slapped the bonnet of the patrol car. Gardaí were unable to arrest him at the time.

On June 28 Michael Fadian was seen by gardaí on mobile patrol on the Delvin Road in the company of two men.

He was highly intoxicated, slurring his words, and unsteady on his feet. He told Garda Blake he was a “p***k” and a “d******d” and said he would remember his face and would later kill him.

He was arrested for threatening behaviour and drunkenness and continued to be abusive on his way to the Garda station.

On August 28 at 2.05am Stephen Fadian was seen staggering drunkenly on the road in front of traffic and was arrested.

Stephen has nine previous convictions for offences including road traffic and public order charges while Michael has 17 previous convictions including one for assault and a number of public order offences.

Mr Louis Kiernan said Stephen, who hasn’t been in court since 2007 knows now he cannot take a drink because he gets into trouble.

Michael Fadian, a father of three should know better, he said.

He described his client, Michael Fadian, was a very talented soccer player and said it was hard to understand how he could mix that with his social behaviour.

He realises he is at the end of the road and is attending counselling.

Judge John Lindsay noted that Michael Fadian was fined for threatening behaviour just 12 days before he committed the June offence.

He sentenced him to three months in jail for his threatening behaviour towards Garda Blake and suspended the sentence for 24 months on condition he engage with the community drug and alcohol service.

He was given a further three month sentence for the other incident of threatening behaviour in May.

Stephen Fadian was given a six month suspended sentence for refusing to comply with Garda directions on May 16 and this was suspended for 18 months.

“Try Lucozade,” he suggested, as he advised Mr Kiernan that his clients will not have to come before him to have their sentences activated if they misbehave again.


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